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Choosing the right summer program can be a daunting task.  With the thousands of camps, travel, study and community service programs to choose from, how can you possibly select the best one for your individual needs? Let the experts help!

Patti Roberts | Director of Student Summers


For over 20 years Patti Roberts and the Student Summers team have traveled across the world each summer visiting Camps, traveling with Teen Tours, College Programs, Bike and Wilderness Trips, and visiting sites where teenagers are building houses for low-income families. Their goal for these trips is to not only understand each program, but to determine what type of child's needs will best be met in the particular program and who will be happy there. The Camp Lady® believes that there is a right camp for every child but that every camp is not right for every child. Patti and the Student Summers team have helped thousands of families choose the best program to ensure their children have a fun, safe and happy summer. You don't have to do the work, The Camp Lady can help.

Meet The Camp Ladies...

Sharon Alpert | Florida

Some of Sharon’s happiest memories are of the 10 years she spent as a camper and counselor.  In addition, her three children have all spent happy summers at camp and teen programs. Sharon joined Student Summers in 2004 because of her strong belief in the value of camping and the self confidence and independence it can build in a child.  In this capacity, she has guided numerous parents to find the best possible summer experiences for their children.

SueEllen Sue Ellen Greenberg | Bergen County, NJ & Rockland County, NY

Sue Ellen Greenberg lives in Franklin Lakes, NJ with her husband and their two son, who both attend summer camp. Her advice is based on years of experience as a classroom teacher (with a B.S. and M.S. in education and a learning consultants degree), as a teen program director, a camp counselor and, of course a camper. She considers her guiding principle to be: the best camp or teen program for your child is the one that is most compatible to your child's personality. Sue Ellen spends her summers visiting camps and programs while in session to be able to give you the most current first hand information.

Jennifer Jennifer Rosenstein | Greater Philadelphia Area

Jennifer is a lifelong camper who spent many years at both day camp and overnight camp as a camper, CIT and counselor. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons and still maintains many of the friendships that she developed in her years as a summer camper. Jennifer is passionate about the value of camp in a child's life--building self esteem, confidence, independence, social skills and most importantly friendships. She works with parents to make sure that children and young adults of all ages can find the summer camp that is best for them.

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