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There are a variety of camps to choose from: Day or residential, single sex, coed, performing arts, all sports, specific sports, computer camps, and the list goes on. In the world of camps, there is something for everyone. At Student Summers, we will help you make the decision that is right for you and your child. We know the camps, we know the owners and directors, and we know what will be the right program. Whether your child is an athlete or an artist, a computer genius or a nature lover, loves the water or the mountains or both; whatever your child's needs are, we will make it happen.

Some questions you should ask...

* What is special about the program?

The philosophy? Quality of the staff and facilities?

* What are the costs?

Tuition? Optional activities? Spending money?

Special clothing and equipment? Insurance?

Refund policy?

* Who are the staff?

Age and experience? Recruitment and training?

Are staff from overseas? Who drives the vehicles?

* Who are the participants?

Coed? Single Sex? Geographic representation?

How are ages grouped?

* How are problems handled?

Medical emergencies? Smoking? Curfew violations?

Special needs? Communications with parents?

* Are religious services available?

When? Denominational? Non-Denominational?

* International students?

How many? Where do they come from?

Is E.S.L. offered?

* What is the percentage of return campers? Staff?

* Does the program offer transportation?

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