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Why should I use an advisory service when I can find the same information on the Internet?

You can find a world of information on the Internet, but all that information can be very overwhelming and confusing. We spend our summer visiting camps, and our winters meeting with program directors. This gives us a good sense as to which camp or program would best fit your child's needs.

Is working with The Camp Lady® really FREE?

Yes. As an advisory service, we represent approximately 1,000 camps and programs. If you pick a camp or program suggested by The Camp Lady, we receive a commission from that camp or program after your child attends. There is never an obligation when receiving information and working with us will not affect your tuition.

What type of programs do you represent?

With the name of Camp Lady® people often think we only represent camps. This is far from true. We represent camps, as well as the many different kinds of teen programs. We represent camps and programs throughout the U.S. as well as around the world.

How does the process work?

Call us FIRST. As an advisory service, we need to make the initial contact with the camps/programs. If you like to surf the web, that is all right, but please do not ask for information. By making only one phone call, we will send you all the information that you will need. It's really very simple. This way the camp or program knows you are working with us. After you have received the information directly from each camp or program, we can help you narrow it down to the ones most suited for your child.

My neighbor's children attend a camp that they love. Should I just send my child there?

Like most everything in life, what's good for one person may not be good for the next. Your neighbor's child is great at sports; he/she plays on travel teams all school year. Does that description fit your child? Your nephew goes to Harvard University. Yes, no one can argue that being a great school, but would your child be successful there? Call the Camp Lady® for help, she will be able to find the place that is right for YOUR CHILD to be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleepaway Camp

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