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You are looking for a meaningful and productive way for your teenager to spend the summer. What should he do? Student Summers has lots of answers. Teenagers can spend their summer in the USA or abroad. There are wilderness expeditions, college programs, language and cultural immersion programs, community service oriented programs, and more to choose from. Your teenager can travel by plane, bus, bike, boat, horseback, or even by foot. Accommodations include hotels, motels, dorm rooms, tents, home stays with host families, or sleeping under the stars. Summer programs offer a great opportunity for your student to learn many different things while experiencing our country or a foreign country full of new languages and a different culture
  • Teen travel
  • Pre-college programs
  • Adventure/Wilderness
  • Theatre and music
  • Community service
  • Interships
  • Language emersion & cultural programs
  • and much more
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